Profile / P. P. Shah & Associates

P. P. Shah & Associates is a 29 year old firm founded by Mr. Paresh Pannalal Shah. The strongest testimony of the firm’s reputation and service lies in the fact that we have highly satisfied clients with relationship extending over 29 years. We have evolved into a multi-disciplinary firm offering spectrum of value added services.

Situated in the heart of Mumbai the firm represents a balance blend of experience and youth, sharing a common vision. We intend playing an instrumental role in growth and development of our clients. We understand the complexities of Indian financial environment and legalities enabling us to seamlessly deliver exceptional results.

We provide our highly motivated team with an unparallel opportunity to handle challenging and diverse assignments. Our team of professionals has the access to knowledge and experience across various industries.

We believe in strong values of trust, integrity, knowledge and personalized service.

Mr. Paresh Shah:

  1. A Science Graduate of 1981, with Chemistry as the principal subject & qualified as Chartered Accountant in the year 1984, (M. No. 36400).
  2. Specialization in FEMA & Taxation with a special focus on.
    1. Cross border transactions & its taxation.
    2. Investment in India-regulatory issues for Foreigners and Foreign Direct Investment.
    3. Investment abroad by resident of India, structuring overseas company for Indian investments.
    4. Advisory services on Double Taxation Avoidance Agreements.
    5. Foreign Collaboration and Joint Venture Agreements.
  3. Lecturer on Fees for Technical Services and Royalty on 30th June, 2013 held by the Borivali CPE Study Circle of WIRC of ICAI.
  4. Delivered a lecture on Overseas Direct Investment on 11th May, 2013 for the Beginner’s Course in FEMA by WIRC of ICAI.
  5. Presented a talk on Implications and Treatment of Trusts under FEMA on 2nd Feb, 2013 at the Conference of Chamber of Income Tax Consultants (New Delhi).
  6. Lecturer for Introduction to Tax Havens, Partnerships under Double Tax Avoidance Agreements as well as Triangular Cases under Double Tax Avoidance Agreements on 29th April, 2012 for the Certificate Course on International Taxation organized by the Committee on International Taxation of ICAI (Baroda).
  7. Presented on Taxation of Non-Resident Indians on 7th April, 2012 at the AIFTP Conference on Taxation (Surat).
  8. Delivered a lecture on EU Treaties on 24th March, 2012 for the Certificate Course on International Taxation by WIRC of ICAI.
  9. Presented a paper on Outbound Investment on 4th June 2011 at Study circle meeting of Chamber of Income Tax Consultant’s Delhi Chapter.
  10. Consolidated FDI Policy – A Comprehensive Analysis on 19th August, 2011at Conference on FEMA by WIRC of ICAI.
  11. Borivali – Kandivali (East) CPE Study Circle on Inbound & Outbound Investment on 29th May 2011 at Thakur Polytechnic conference hall.
  12. ICAI’s DTAA course in Mumbai on 1st May 2011 on.
    1. Concept of controlled foreign corporation.
    2. Hybrid / Financial Instruments.
    3. E C Treaties – Parent Subsidiary Directives – Interest and Royalty Directives
  13. Authored a book on Custom Baggage Rules and published by BCAS on 23rd March 2011.
  14. Presented at a seminar by WIRC of ICAI a paper on International Trust tax issues on 18th December 2010.
  15. ICAI certification course on DTAA at Ahmedabad on 11th December 2010 on.
    1. Hybrid Financial Instruments.
    2. EC Treaties – Permanent – Subsidiary Directives.
  16. WIRC of ICAI on Outbound Investment – Cyprus on 27th November 2010.
  17. BCAS conference on Overview of FDI in India on 23rd October 2010.
  18. WIRC of ICAI on FEMA course Non FDI investment during 26th
    June 2010.
  19. AIFTP workshop on Investment by Person Resident outside India in Mumbai on 7th August 2010.
  20. 10th & 11th DTAA Course on shipping at BCAS during 2009 and 2010.
  21. Presented paper on “Taxability of Trusts – Domestic & International Tax issues”, in Seminar on Estate Planning organized by WIRC, The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India on 18th July 2009.
  22. Faculty on “Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) including sector specific FDI (Real Estate/Retail Trading/Financial Sector) in BCAS Study Course on FEMA on 13th June 2009.
  23. Faculty on “Controlled Foreign Corporation”, “Thin Capitalisation” (April 2009) , “European Union Directives” & “Royalties & Fees for technical services with case laws” (May 2009) at Certificate Course in International Taxation of WIRC, The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India.
  24. Faculty on “Partnerships under the Law of Tax Treaties” at Certificate Course in International Taxation of SIRC, The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India on 14th March 2009.
  25. Co-authored a book on “FEMA & Taxation” published by AIFTP in March 2009.
  26. Faculty on “European Union Treaties & Directives” at Certificate Course in International Taxation of The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India.
  27. Presented paper on “International Tax Planning and its methods, Case Studies and comparative analysis of structuring of Holding Companies at Cyprus, Singapore and Mauritius” at Bombay Chartered Accountants’ Society on 11th August 2007.
  28. Presented paper on “Acquisition & Transfer of Immovable Properties and Portfolio investment by NRI” at seminar the seminar conducted by Chamber of Income Tax consultants on 24th February 2007.
  29. Presented paper on “Tax & other aspects of Offshore Trust” at IFA Western Region Chapter Workshop on 4th November 2006.
  30. Faculty on “Mergers & Acquisitions – An International Perspective” at National Academy of Direct Taxes, Nagpur, for the Training course organized for Revenue Officers, CIT Appeals, JCIT’s, ACIT’s during September 2006.
  31. Presented a paper at the Conference held by The Andhra Pradesh Bar Association in April 2006 on Disallowance of  Expenses under Section 40 (a) (ia).
  32. Delivered talk during International RRC in 2004, held by The Law Society of England and Wales on “Foreign Investment in India”.
  33. Vice Chairman of the journal Committee of Chamber of Income Tax Consultants, Mumbai during 1999-2001.
    1. Member of International Taxation & Finance Study Group of Bombay Chartered Accountant Society.
    2. Faculty at “FEMA Orientation Course” organised by Bombay Chartered Accountant’s Society (BCA) during the year 2000 & 2002.
  34. Contributed articles on Taxation & FEMA in the journal “Income Tax Review” published by Chamber of Income tax Consultants, Mumbai.
  35. Authored a book on “Overseas Investment” published by AIFTP in June 2002.
  36. Co-authored a book on “Overseas Indian FEMA & Taxation” published by AIFTP in September 2000.
  37. Co- authored a book on “NRI a legal Companion” published by All India Federation of Tax Practitioners (AIFTP) in July’ 1999.
  38. Presented papers on taxation at conferences of AIFTP and WIRC of Institute of Chartered Accountants of India.